Pink and purple!

16 Aug

Ah, my favorite combination of colors as a child.  Well, in some iterations – I preferred very bright pink and very bright purple together, basically a My Little Pony aesthetic.  I’d love to be able to say that I was a gender iconoclast as a kid and eschewed the stereotypical interests of girls– and, in some small ways this held true, like my long standing dislike for doll babies (they give me the creeps!) or love of action figures — but I did enjoy that pink and purple.  And it really fits my wardrobe interests at the moment.  I’ve decided this fall to move my palette from a brown base to a gray/black base, and add in more sparkly, metal, and leather accessories.  To me, a more rocker style means more pink and purple in the mix!  Especially purple.  But it’s not going to be a fast transition, so I’m starting by mixing my more traditional, preppy/classic pieces with things I feel are a little more edgy.

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9 Aug

It’s been an incredibly busy month – preparing to teach my first real lecture class this fall, starting my dissertation, and working my usual job plus a teaching job and a part time tutoring position!  Very productive, but quite a busy schedule.  Also it’s been ridiculously, murderously hot, which is so draining that most of the time when I’m walking back to the bus stop or car I’m just a soggy gross mess and not particularly inspired to take pictures.  Yesterday I braved the sweaty wilds and did some photography, though, so here we are.

Imaginary enemies, beware

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Happy Fourth – Fancy camo and drama!

5 Jul

America, and my good friend Kristina, had another birthday yesterday!  Congrats to them both.  Last year I did a red-white-and-blue outfit for our patriotic celebration of Bastille Day, but this year I didn’t want to go quite so over the top.  The aim was to keep things short and sweet, lightweight, natural fabrics in breathable cuts.  This was my take on that most American of fabrics, camouflage:

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Back, with botanical

29 May

Last week was all vacation, all the time.  I may put together some photos of few of the outfits I wore for a vacation post, although mostly they’re too covered with sand or kayak or pool to be of any use!  A fair amount of thrifting was done, sunburn was achieved, and I got a nice bag that shows up in this post!  But the main feature of this outfit is the sweet botanical skirt:

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A quick post before my exams!

10 May

I’m in the final stretch before my exams, but I wanted to post a quick update.  I got a lot of feedback on the post I made a couple of weeks ago starring some animal print capri pants; a few tweaks were suggested and so after some thrifting I’ve put them into practice.  In final count, I’m not sure whether I actually like it better.

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Retro Plaid

26 Apr

After spending the last… probably 15 weekdays in stretchy pants and t-shirts I decided to come out of my book cave and actually wear some clothes.  Studying for oral exams has really been getting to me, sigh.

Last weekend I hit five different thrift stores in Richmond and found lots of very interesting stuff— but my favorite was a pair of plaid capri pants that reminded me of Betty Draper from Mad Men.

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Cherry blossoms and leather

4 Apr

I found an awesomely fitting leather vest at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t want to repeat my fashion missteps from high school and wear it like a character from a fantasy book, so I was somewhat at a loss for what to do with it.  Magazine-word has it that you can “toughen up” a floaty shirt with a leather jacket or vest, but I look invariably terrible in anything poofy or unstructured.  I took my questions over to reddit’s r/femalefashionadvice and came back with a few more ideas: a bright top, skinny jeans, and floral.  I’ll leave it to you to judge between these two looks:

High School, circa 1997!


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A Little Lime

29 Mar

The wonderful thing about secondhand shopping is that the really interesting pieces often end up easy pickings– because unlike the high fashion world, average people seem to pick clothing that will blend in.  Often this means a beautiful, well cut piece will end up on the clearance rack or the dollar bin, just because it’s in an awesome color.  And that’s the story of how I found a sweet lime green suede skirt by Gretchen Scott in the clearance at Natalie Dressed.

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Giraffe Print

21 Mar

I have to admit, my terrible sense of humor sometimes (okay, often) influences my decisions to purchase clothing.  My interest in giraffe print has “all and only” (as my adviser would say) to do with my height, which is verging on six feet, and well over with pumps on.  Despite this I had nothing in my closet in giraffe, although I frequently threatened to pick up a piece.  The problem was, most giraffe patterned items are really, really ugly.  Dowdy, square toed shoes or saggy-bottomed pants, or worse, mumus.  Last weekend, though, we went to the super warehouse style Goodwill near Richmond and lo and behold, a really cute giraffe print cardigan!

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Silk for spring

15 Mar

This outfit came together kind of surprisingly.  I found this really great skirt at Natalie Dressed consignment last year, originally from Anthropologie, that seemed to have everything going for it: beautiful silk material, neat shape, and a great printed design of birds and flowers.  Yet every time I tried to pair it with one of my shirts it just didn’t quite work.  Then, yesterday night while I was looking through my closet for something appropriate to wear in 80+ degree weather, I pulled out a dark red shirt and realized I’d never tried dark colors with the skirt.  So, here it is.

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